Our company is located in the eastern area of Madrid region, specifically in the Henares River Corridor, and has a track record spanning 11 years in the industrial OUTSOURCING sector..

Our goal is to help you improve in competitiveness by developing tailor-made solutions for your needs.

We guarantee the best cost, quality and service, providing a nearby and competitive response to the flexibility required by markets even in short or one-off series, so that you can focus your resources and efforts on the core processes.

We synchronize our planning with your needs in terms of manufacturing, assembly and dispatch, reducing the stockpiling of raw material and current stocks, without endangering the fulfilment of deadlines, a truly Lean Value Chain.

In-house outsourcing, sub-contracting, employment enclave, service contract, dedicated workshop, multi-process workshop... We have an industrial outsourcing solution to suit every need.

Our experience leads us to think that our participation is an option enabling clients to save considerable overheads within their company by sub-contracting part or all of their productive processes as our unit-price offerings save your company from having to bear these fixed costs (personnel, warehousing, facilities, etc.) and transforming them into variable costs.

  • "Timely fulfilment of orders and service quality form our main premise, and the source of our company’s success"

Who we are

Both the founders of Fayma S.L. and those responsible for the workshops bring a long track record in the industrial sub-contracting market, with extensive knowledge of the following areas:

  • Production management, quality and logistics
  • Serial manufacturing (Long Runs)
  • Parts manufacturing (Short runs)
  • Implementation of new processes
  • Commercial relationship
  • Continuous improvement
  • Fulfilment of the “FIFO” system, etc.

Our structure currently comprises 32 people in M.O.D. and 8 people in M.O.I.

The administrative management services (tax and social security aspects) are entrusted to professional experts in the sector of renowned reliability, sub-contracted by Fayma S.L.


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