• Our commitment is to maintain, with the maximum rigour, the agreed criteria for quality, productivity and, of course, deadlines required by our clients
  • Our quality department performs the following tasks...
  • Keeping the quality records up to date, visual inspections, technical specifications, etc. required by our clients in each process
  • Quality assurance is implemented for the product, process controls, final check, poka-yokes.
  • Handling of defective items, NON-OK material, and rejection reports.
  • Analysis of complaints and application of preventive and corrective actions.

  • Important Note

    In view of the long-standing stable relationship we have with our main client, TEKNIA GROUP, it informed several of its end clients in due course of its decision to outsource the assembly processes to FAYMA S.L., meaning that its end clients (RENAULT, FORD, SEAT, AUDI, etc.) now conduct at our facilities the necessary homologations for new processes as well as the process audits scheduled in each case.


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    FAYMA’s management is aware that Quality is a strategic factor of great importance, in view of the current market situation: it constitutes the best argument for competing on the market and represents a guarantee for the Company’s future continuity.

    FAYMA’s activities, when performing manipulation operations (cutting, welding, pre-assemblies, assemblies, die-cutting) and printing on parts, items and non-electric accessories, it does so in strict compliance with the indications and requirements of our clients.

    In accordance with the foregoing, FAYMA’s Quality Policy is aimed at::

    • Anticipating risks and opportunities, whether internal or external, and managing them or assuming them.
    • Meeting the needs and expectations of our clients, providing products and services that meet the applicable specifications, regulations and legislation, while being competitive at the same time..
    • Reducing the costs of non-quality, whether or not these are passed on by the client.
    • Complying with legal and other requirements taken on by the Organization.
    • Continuously improving the efficacy of the processes carried out by the organization.
    • Complying with the requirements established in the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

    With respect to this Policy, FAYMA’s Management has adopted the following decisions:

    • The Quality Policy defined will serve as the basis for establishing and reviewing the targets in the Quality Management System.
    • The achievement of this policy must be implemented with the full integration of everyone making up this Company.
    • This Policy will be notified to all personnel working for FAYMA and will be made available to the parties concerned, through the habitual communication channels established for this purpose..
    • In order to ensure that it remains pertinent and appropriate for the Organization, the Policy will be reviewed annually, coinciding with the Management’s Review of the System.


    Fayma S.L. guarantees that all drawings, specifications, parts, samples, or any other kind of information supplied in order to carry out work will be handled in the strictest confidence and will be used solely and exclusively for the proper operation of our activities and those of our client.